Strategic advisory for startups up to corporates. Finding your competitive advantage.

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Building digital ventures with entrepreneurial spirit at it’s finest since 2010.

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Supporting ventures on a mission globally; connecting funders and founders in tech.

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Analysis and construction of a diverse portfolio consisting of various asset classes.

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Value meets Values

Creating opportunities

Qapital is a strategy advisory and general investment firm providing advice and capital and partnering with entrepreneurs and founders globally. We build ventures, activate entrepreneurship in organizations and construct a portfolio with value generating assets.

In our opinion prosperity can be driven by entrepreneurship. To be able to start and grow your business opens up opportunities to build a sustainable future. Without entrepreneurship and competition there wouldn’t be the need for innovation. We support companies on a mission and help them becoming market leaders.

  • Fundraising has become the way to start up and fuel business development. Where should you start?

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  • In the rapidly evolving blockchain industry NFT’s are on the rise. Are they disrupting the digital environment?

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  • Are we finding or are we creating the next unicorn (1 billion dollar startup)? A slight difference as it seems but there might be more to it.

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