Value added

In our opinion prosperity can be driven by entrepreneurship. To be able to start and grow your business opens up opportunities to build a sustainable future. Without entrepreneurship and competition there wouldn’t be the need for innovation.

Buy or Build

We either participate in promising ventures or build them ourselves. We help entrepreneurs with funding, management & strategy and resources to scale. No matter if we buy or build; our 3 main pillars of venturing should always be at the core of doing business.


Value is added by the right people. Building a rockstar team is essential. You don’t have to know everything but should excel in at least one specific skill. Combining those special skills in One Team delivers winners.


What value does your venture add? Why should your company become a market leader? No vision, no glory. It is time to redefine your goals. Think about your competitive advantage or problem that you aim to solve.


Even starting businesses need to think beyond an idea and focus on a solid business model strategy. We believe in earning power, now or in the future. In the long term investment should fuel growth instead of covering for losses.